There are 9 soldiers from Cheshire here.

Arthur CUMBERBATCHPrivate 26500
Arthur Cumberbatch
From Astbury
9th July 1918
Albert GAUNTPrivate 49934
Albert Gaunt
New H. 8.
From Congleton
3rd March 1919
Willie HOLLANDGunner 194016
Willie Holland
East End of the Church
From Congleton
9th March 1921
Percy HOLLINSHEADPrivate 130714
Percy Hollinshead
From Congleton
11th March 1920
Albert MOORESPrivate 39297
Albert Moores
North East of Church
From Congleton
29th May 1919
George William PAINTERShoeing Smith TS/1859
George William Painter
From Astbury
4th June 1919
George PARKERLance Corporal 24711
George Parker
From Congleton
17th February 1916
HAROLD THOMPSONFlight Serjeant 11507
Harold Thompson
24th August 1921
Harry THOMPSONPrivate 39259
Harry Thompson
New. B. 6.
From Congleton
23rd February 1919

Rectory House, Peel Ln, Astbury, Congleton CW12 4RG, UK