Samuel M LEWIS
Rank: Sergeant
Service Number:8766.
Regiment: 17th Bn. Cheshire Regiment
Died Wednesday 7th June 1916
Age Unknown
County Memorial Lymm
Commemorated\Buried Lymm ( St. Mary ) Churchyard
Grave\Panel Ref: South of Church.
CountryUnited Kingdom

Samuel M's Story.

Samuel was born in Lymm in 1892, 2nd son to Henry and Elizabeth Lewis of Pepper Street, Lymm.  After leaving school he became a bugler in the local Volunteer battalion, later adopting the Army as his profession.
He was posted to the front shortly after the outbreak of war and was wounded at the battle of Aisne.  After leaving hospital he was severly burned owing to a box of matches ingniting in his pocket and it was whilst he was being treated for these injuries at a Military Hospital in Christleton, that he contacted pneuonia and died on 7th June 1916.  He is buried at St Mary's Church, Lymm.

According to his obituary in the Warrington Examiner Newspaper dated 16th June 1916:
"The processsion to the church for his funeral was headed by a firing party from the Lord Derby War Hospital, Warrington and the members of the Lymm & Oughtrington Defence Corps under the direction of Captain Hawkins, and a number of wounded soldiers from the Lymm Red Crosss Hospital.  The church was crowded, with some 200 people being unable to get inside"

Researched and compiled by Lynn Smith