There are 32 soldiers from Cheshire here.

George H BRANDRETHPrivate 57098
George H Brandreth
C of E 2331
From Knutsford
30th August 1919
John Wilson BROWNRIGGLance Sergeant 983417
John Wilson Brownrigg
Grave 2715.
From Cheshire Virtual
19th March 1941
HORACE BUCKLEYPrivate 10549737
Horace Buckley
Grave 2237.
From Knutsford
22nd May 1942
KENNETH BUCKLEYPrivate 14735752
Kenneth Buckley
Grave 2437.
From Knutsford
11th November 1946
Joseph Peter Caulfield
Grave 2634.
From Knutsford
27th August 1940
Harry CUMMINSSapper 204176
Harry Cummins
From Cheshire Virtual
11th January 1921
HARRY DANIELSergeant 3011016
Harry Daniel
Grave 2335.
24th November 1944
Frederick DARLINGTONSergeant 3295
Frederick Darlington
C of E 2069
From Knutsford
23rd February 1918
Robert Theodore Manners DOWNIELieutenant
Robert Theodore Manners Downie
C of E 2089
From Knutsford
24th January 1916
C FLETCHERPrivate 843
C Fletcher
C. of E. 3292.
From Cheshire Virtual
11th June 1916
Sydney GROVESPrivate TR/33538
Sydney Groves
C. of E. 2220
From Cheshire Virtual
29th November 1918
Herbert HAYMANLeading Signalman 228880
Herbert Hayman
C. of E. 2183.
From Cheshire Virtual
1st April 1921
Samuel Starkey HOWARTHLance Corporal 16993
Samuel Starkey Howarth
C. of E. 2387.
From Knutsford
26th October 1918
John HURDSFIELDPrivate 18971
John Hurdsfield
C. of E. 3180.
From Cheshire Virtual
13th January 1918
ARTHUR JONESWarrant Officer Class II 4116416
Arthur Jones
Grave 2681.
From Knutsford
18th April 1942
E A JONESCompany Quartermaster Sergeant 350671
E A Jones
C. of E. 2380.
From Cheshire Virtual
25th August 1919
CHARLES LAMBPrivate 324267
Charles Lamb
Grave 1873.
From Knutsford
1st January 1946
Tom LEAPrivate 78854
Tom Lea
C. of E. 2068.
From Knutsford
17th October 1918
James LEASapper 24708
James Lea
C. of E. 2068.
From Knutsford
7th February 1919
Harry LIGHTPrivate 29583
Harry Light
C. of E. 2391.
From Knutsford
20th February 1917
George LUCASPrivate 33127
George Lucas
N.C. 2843.
From Knutsford
9th June 1916
Ronald Francis Keith MACDONALDPrivate 767182
Ronald Francis Keith Macdonald
C. of E. 2070.
From Knutsford
25th December 1917
Fred MILNERPrivate 66163
Fred Milner
C. of E. 2341.
From Knutsford
23rd February 1917
John Kidston Law Paterson
Grave 668.
From Knutsford
10th November 1943
George Edgar Royle
Grave 2609.
24th December 1940
William Henry SHAWPrivate S4/094896
William Henry Shaw
N.C. 2882.
From Cheshire Virtual
17th May 1920
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